Thursday, 14 November 2013

Autumn Gold melody in our dunes

Herfst gouden melodie in Westduinpark,
oil on linnen - 60 x 90 cm  (23 x 35 in)
painted on location - Wed 13 Nov 2013

I've been searching and searching in nearby forests to make a autumn gold painting. It seems that because of the late summer heat, Nature around here has gone a little out of wank, thus coloration of leafs is taken its sweet time.  Meanwhile right at my doorstep practically, there it was, right before my eyes.  On the path I use, to go paint all those beach scenes I make!  Now I know why Van Gogh loved yellow. It just makes you happy.  But to a painter, it does more than that.  It makes the canvas burst with vitality. Combined with the intense light of a low Sun, casting long shadows,  and an almost cloudless blue sky, you might need sunglasses to view this scene. When you have this painting hanging in your living room, you won't even have to turn the light on!

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