Monday, 20 August 2012

A Day Out painting in Katwijk #2

At the Sea, study #1, 13 x 18cm, oil on canvas,
At the Sea, study #2, 18 x 13 cm, oil on canvas,
Children playing at Sea, study #3, 12 x 18cm, oil on canvas board,
Works made on location - Tues 3 July 2012

These were the other paintings made on that outing just over a month ago. As you may have  noticed, the sky had clouded over, right after these works were completed, thus the water colour shifted from blue/green/silver, to the greenish tints that you see on the previous posting. Shopping around for a unique birthday present, or a special gift for some other occasion? Maybe this is something for you! As you can see, il pittore, is sensitive to the present times and offers original paintings at affordable prices.

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