Monday, 11 June 2012

The Hobby Tiger, (Catamaran) x 2, South Beach

De  Hobby Tiger, HKZV, Zuiderstrand, DH #1
oil on canvas
18 x 13 cm ,
painted on location  -  Thurs  7 June 2012

De Hobby Tiger, HKZV, Zuiderstrand, DH #2
oil on canvas,
13 x 18 cm,
painted on location - Thurs 7 June 2012 SOLD

I had  my painting gear ready to go finish the Minerva ship painting, (my previous posting), however it was still too early to sit up, so I headed to one of my favourite locations. Was debating whether to make a horizontal or vertical shape canvas, so I resolved that decision by making both, on a small scale, with the idea, that I might make a larger version, after seeing the results. In the horizon one can see smoke coming from an enormous chimney, a part of the oil refineries, at the entrance to the Rotterdam Harbour. Your feedback would be appreciated, re format, horizontal or vertical?

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