Monday, 14 November 2011

View of the 'ZANDMOTOR' Project, from Kijkduin

Gezicht op de 'ZANDMOTOR', Kijkduin, NL
oil on canvas
30 x 80 cm
painted on location - Thurs 10 Oct 2011 

Dear Readers, Here you have a view of the latest extension to our small yet powerfull country, here in The Lowlands! This man made peninsula, has been created to further continue the growth of South Beach, The Hague. The natural erosion of the peninsula, due to the waves, will transport the sand to the beach, thus preventing it (South Beach), from being washed away, due to threatening future storms! That, my friends, is the theory, now I guess we'll get to see if it actually works. I'm sure it will, as Dutch Landscape Engineering, is superb! It is still not ready for beach goers to walk out on the Zandmotor, as the works still continue to this day, however, just like that elderly couple are taking in the view, one can get a good look at it from Kijkduin. On the horizon a cargo ship approaching the harbour of Rotterdam.

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