Thursday, 8 September 2011

Chilling out on a sunny beach

Geneiten van strand leven, WAZ
oil on canvas, 50 x 120 cm painted on location - 25 May 2011 (reworked in the studio, 8 Sept 2011)  -  SOLD

Well as I look out my window right now, it is pouring down cats and dogs! The wind is slightly bending over trees, thus not too threatening, but just altogether unpleasant weather..... Todays posting was made on a pleasant spring day, with obviously comfortably warm temperatures, and a refreshing breeze to caress the warmed up exposed flesh of these sun bathers. Funny I never posted this work up to now, as I felt it was not complete. However, after straightening out the horizon line and adding a few more tints of Royal Blue Light to the sky, I felt confident to make this painting available to the public. The detail below shows just how loosely the brush work on this canvas was applied. I really was surprised with the twisting motion of that topless woman featured at the bottom center. Sometimes the brush does things that you coudn't achieve, even if you try. An amazing experience, as the result occurs merely by the intention, and not so by the willing physical actions of the painter.


Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

It's beautiful! Glad you decided to put it out there!

Anonymous said...

Your sea/beach paintings are beautiful,all of them.
I also love the flower,bulb fields.