Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Misty Panoramic Seascape, South Beach

Mistig zeegezicht met zachte luct
oil on canvas, 30 x 150 cm
painted on location - Fri 2 Sept 2011

Struck by a sudden heat wave, here in The Lowlands, the atmospheric conditions took some time to get adjusted. This caused for much moisture to get trapped between the sea's surface and the cooler temperatures soaring high in the sky. The effect was pleasant and interesting enough to capture on canvas, thus il pittore packed his gear and headed out to his favorite spot on Zuiderstrand, The Hague. Characterized by soft breaking waves, and a hardly visible horizon line, this scene was colorfully accented with the depiction of a few sailboats, three persons and a dog.
Again, as it is extremely difficult to get a sharp image on these large panoranic paintings, two close ups for your viewing pleasure.

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