Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Beach Cafe scene, North Zee

Op terras bij strandpavilijon 'De Kust', Wijk Aan Zee
oil on canvas
40 x 50 cm
painted on location - Tues 24 May 2011

Well here I am back on the coast, and let me tell you,...what a windy coast line it has been, here in The Lowlands! Finding myself at Wijk Aan Zee as a participant of the annual painters festival,"Ezels&Kwasten", this is the 1st of 7 paintings made in 4 days! The light was fantastic and as you can see plays a major role in the formation of this colorful terrace scene. Proteced by those glass panels, guests of the cafe and myself were able to enjoy the fresh sea air, without being hendered by the wind. If you look at the red banner flag, just behind the glass panel, (extreme right side of painting), you will get an indication of the force of the wind.

Here below you have the scene of the continuation of this terrace. Painted a couple of days later, with more or less the same windy atmospheric conditions. This painting was sold within a matter of hours, to a local couple who frequent this cafe, and usually occupy this corner table of the terrace, while having drinks.
(Just a reminder....by klicking on the paintings,You can have a more detailed look at them.)

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