Monday, 6 September 2010

Cozy autumn day at the North Sea

Gezelig najaars dag aan de Noorde Zee, DH
oil on canvas
30 x 150 cm
painted on location - Thurs 2 Sept 2010 -  SOLD

Painted at my favorite and most convenient location, South Beach, The Hague. Here you have a clear example that indeed never the same situation twice whilst painting at the seaside. It may repeat itself, but never quite the same. Very little wind to speak about. Soft gentle rolling waves, breaking with the slightest of ease. Two sailboats, two oil tankers, and a yellow bouy. Just enough information to not disturb the ever present tranquility and space this scene has to offer. As it is difficult for me to provide a very sharp image, re the digital photogragh, I felt the need to provide you with these details.

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