Thursday, 30 September 2010

Autumn colors on The North Sea

Een zacht najaars dag aan de Noord Zee
oil on canvas
20 x 140 cm
painted on location - Thurs. 23 October 2010

Because of the two dominate colors on view in this scene, I was thinking of calling this painting, "Panoramic view of the North Sea, purple and green". For those of you who live by the Sea, you know this is not an exaggeration on my part. Actually if anything, it is quite the opposite. I tend to tone down the vibrancy of the colors. I don't have any idea how Van Gogh and the somewhat renowned Haagse School painters like Mesdag, did not pick up on these hue variations. Maybe I haven't seen enough of their works, I hope that is the case. Otherwise I would have to say that, either I am, or they were....colour blind! Again on this composition I decided to leave out the beach, starting exactly at the point were the water meets the land.

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