Tuesday, 29 December 2009

South Beach covered in Snow.

Zuiderstrand met sneeuw
oil on canvas board
18 x 24 cm /( 7 x 9.5 inches)
painted on location - Tues 15 Dec 2009

Sorry, not at all a wet painting, this one. For technical reasons, I was not able to send this out 2 weeks ago, thus here you have it now. Notwithstanding the Sun shining in its full glory, it was still the coldest day of the year. It dawned on me while I was painting this scene, that it was not snow covering the sand, but frozen dew! To give you an indication of how cold it was, this was painted at 1.30pm, (remember dew is formed between nightfall and morning, and usually evaporates with the Sun's first rays).

The figures (and dog) on this work are so small, it was a challenge to properly photograph. However here is a detail, just the same.

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