Sunday, 28 June 2009

Coast Sail Compition 2009, HKZV, The Hague

KustZeilEvenement 2009, HKZV, Den Haag
oil on canvas, 40 x 120 cm
painted on location, Saturday 27 June 2009

Private Colection, The Hague
Donated for charity, Right To Play

Not your usual catamaran clubhouse paintng. There were about 80 vessels spread out on the beach at the clubhouse this weekend. It was am amazing sight to see. The light was very defused, with mist and fog making it not possible for the races to begin. For me it was a bit of a blessing, as the cats stayed on the beach with their sails out, ready to go. As is evident in the painting, vissibilty at sea was zero. This is the 1st of 2 paintings made at this event.

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Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Alberto,
This is so good, i love all those sails , the fog and the indication of the sea. A great scene.
Ciao a presto