Wednesday, 22 April 2009

View of South Beach, The Hague, #3/09

Cool mist in the air, Zuiderstrand, Den Haag
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm (a fair size painting)
painted on location, Tues. afternoon, 21 April 2009

no longer exists

As I mentioned so many times, never the same situation twice, on these shorlines. With a cool breeze coming off the Sea, and the warm temperature in the air, a lovely soft mist was the dominant factor in this scene. Hardly a soul walking about, just a few, dressed nice and warmly, walking along the waters edge. The saturation of colors seized my attention, as I arrived on location, wondering about, lookig for something interesting to paint. This is The North Sea, and She has temperment, and lots of it, ask any sailor of these waters, I'm sure they will agree. This shift in moods is of interest to painters such as myslf, who are forever occupied with bringing that mood unto a piece of canvas, and transmitting it to you, the viewer.

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