Saturday, 4 October 2008

"Atharina", L'Artista di strada.

Street artist scene, Garenmarkt, Leiden
oil on canvas
30 x 24 cm
painted on location, Fri 3 October 2008.


It was hard for me to resist this Fellini like image. I was invited to set up my easel and show my paintings as part of the festivities held in Leiden, to celebrate their Liberation Day. It is a carnival like atmosphere, with loads of street artists entertaining the public. For you that don't know Leiden was liberated from Spanish occupation on the 3rd of October in 1572. The fall colours displayed on the smaller tree in front of the subject, add a nice accent to this scene. Atharina balances herself gracefully on this 2 meter ball, which she manages to roll, with her on top, through the streets, creating a fantasy that entrances the audience.

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David Carl Shereda said...

I am honored to know you. I love your work and look forward to each posting that you put up. It amazes me that you can put out so much work at such high quality.

David Carl Shereda Detroit, Michigan