Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Calm and serene breaking waves, The North Sea, #6/08

Panaramic view with three mast clipper on horizon, Kijkduin, Holland
oil on canvas
20 x 140 cm
painted on location - Tues 9 sept 2008


There are times that the North Sea can bear a close resemblance to places, say, like the Mediterranean Sea. Again I like to keep the composition simple. It all looks so easy, doesn't it. But remember what Michelangelo the great Renaissance Master said, " What one has most to work and struggle for in painting is to do the work with great amount of labour and sweat in such a way that it may afterwards appear, however much it was laboured upon, to have been done almost quickly and almost without any labour, and very easily, although it was not." A handsome looking 3 mast clipper was on the horizon, the play of light on it was very intriguing, thus I decided to highlight it as a detail.

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