Saturday, 9 August 2008

Beach entrance, Terracina, Italy

Path to the Sea, Made in Italy
watercolour on 200g/m Fabriano watercolour pad (rough)
18 x 12 cm  -  2 August 2008

Welcoming you to this sun laiden beach on the Medeterrainean Sea, at Terracina, approx. 150 klm. N of Naples is this conveniently shaded path. I was a guest at my cousin Claudia's seaside residence. There are homes aligned along both sides of this road for about 100 meters. I was inspired to create this scene, because of the exotic flaura casting this welcomed shade, which contrasts with the area lit up by the sun. Still early, not too crowded, two childern in the water, a sailboat heading out, summer is in full swing.

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