Tuesday, 6 May 2008

View of the beach, Domburg, Zeeland

Beach Scene, Domburg, Zeeland
oil on canvas
24 x 30 cm
painted on location, Thurs 1 May 08


It's the middle of the afternoon. The sun is in full glory, however the temperature is still not above 20 degrees celsius. Tomorrow it's going above 20, there will be at least 175 people occuping the space depicted on this canvas. There is a lady looking over my left shoulder. She says something that sounds like 'schoon', she talks in German, I look at her and say, sorry I'm not German or Dutch. She speaks English, so we strike up a conversation. She says something to the effect, " I like it because it has depth and you are not painting all the people". I say to her, " thank you, when someone living in a big city, has this painting hanging on their wall, they will appreciate the serenity that this scene offers".

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Jane Walker said...

Just left my comment for you on Sheri's blog by mistake! What I said was I love the pools in the foreground which are really reflective and I enjoyed the commentary but wonder if the photo is a bit soft.. or is it my eyes j :))