Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The (not so) Quiet Beach, in action

Het stillestrand, leeft
oil on canvas - 50 x 150 (wow that is big! / 20" x 59")
painted on location -  Thursday 30 August 2018


Yes ladies and gentlemen, with the wind rustling about, tossing and turning over just about any small object that is not properly secured, the so called Quiet beach is fully alive and well. Luxurious typical Dutch clouds racing about in the direction that the wind will have them go, cast enormous shadows on the otherwise luminous sandy beach! The Sunlight always commanding the atmospheric condition, and at the same time, filling the surface of the sea water with the colours of her choice.....just another great day to be on location. Taking this all in visually, and working my ass off to get it on a large piece of stretched linen, that becomes the challenge of the moment. something I'm willing to take on, give it my best shoot.  And for better or for worse, I expose the results to the public at large, opening myself to ridicule or praise, depends on who's doing the looking I suppose.

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