Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Scheveningen Beach in a winters fairy tale

Scheveningen strand en boulevard als een Sprookje
oil on canvas - 30 x 150 cm
painted - Sun 12/Mon 13 Feb 2017


What's there to say, but that I am so grateful that we finally had a downfall of that fluffy white stuff here on the coast of Holland! Everybody was excitingly happy, especially the little ones. And me I was really happy that i had the opportunity to get on location, and re work a painting that I made in December 2015 of this scenery! Thus the composition was already complete when I started on this painting.  You know it's funny, how some days one could paint better than on other days! I guess it is the same with anything one does. For me this was a day were the juice was flowing, fast and powerful, and what resulted is what you see. By the comments people were making as they stopped to have a look, and there were many people, as it was a soft winters sunshiny day, I felt I had accomplished a painting which will give much pleasure to the viewer. And that my dear friends, is a gift, from The Creator to me and from my hands to you. Here below a fine picture of me working on this painting taken by Maurice Haak, from This is The Hague, Tourist Information Centre. 

                                      (If you wish to have a better look at this painting,send me an email)

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