Thursday, 17 March 2016

Homage to the Quiet Beach

Hommage aan het stille strand
oil on canvas - 70 x 210 cm - (27 x 83")
painted on many sessions in the studio - Dec 2015 t/m March 2016

I am forever being asked to make a huge painting of this beach, so finally here it is. Painted on several sessions in my atelier, from paintings I had made previously, and of course from the way I see this beach, as I have been actively painting here for 9 years now! It is called "het stille strand",  the quiet beach. Most likely in reference to the very busy beach, just due North, and that being the popular Scheveningen  Beach. But also in reference, I think to the Nature Reserve (Westduinpark) one has to walk or bike across, to get at this beach.
I have chosen to show the viewer of this painting a moment in time when the fog lifts. Thus some light bouncing of the dunes to the far left. The seagulls in a playful flight pattern, coming towards the viewer, two persons walking on the beach and further right a barely visible yellow buoy, and finally on the horizon, an oil tanker.
To really appreciate this painting it must be seen in the real. However if you can't make it to one of my markets or a studio visit, I have added  some extra pictures.

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Kim Vanlandingham said...

Your work is just beautiful. We had some storms in Southwest Florida, where I teach/paint in the winter. It's normally sunny, but we went to the beach one day and it was so like this. It was haunting. I'm never disappointed when I stop by here. Beautifully done!