Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Scheveningen Beach & Boulevard and Zuiderstrand on a summers night

Il Pittore's vision of Scheveningen Beach 
oil on canvas - 30 x 200 cm
painted mostly on location - Started 4th of June - ended in studio 9th of July 2015

Here I undertook the monumental task of making such an enormous XXXL canvas on location! I was situated exactly on the Noordelijk havenhoofd about 90 meters shy of the small red and white stripped lighthouse. Thus the wind was keeping me good company most of the time. In fact, it liked to pat me on the back, now and then. On one occasion all my gear hit the deck, lucky the damage was sustainable. Capturing the Sun's morning rays as they are just about to embrace the west side of the buildings and other objects portrayed, I felt this was the right moment to freeze, thus giving the onlookers something interesting to digest.

Warm glow over Zuiderstrand
oil on canvas - 20 x 60 cm
painted on location - Monday 3 August 2015

Here I bring to you the situation at hand in these warm summer days we are being gifted with having here in The Lowlands. I found myself next to the beach cafe De Kwartel, about half way between Scheveningen and Kijkduin. This stretch of beach, being one of Hollands best kept secrets, most Dutch people don't know that The Hague has a seriously gorgeous beach front, (they think it is all happening in Scheveningen). And you know what ,Hagenaars like it just that way, thus they have the beach all to themselves! 

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