Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Peace rests, on a winters day

Vrederust op een wintersdag
oil on canvas - 30 x 80 cm
painted on location -  Tues 6 Jan 2015 - (finished in studio Mon 12 Jan 2015)

First plein-air painting of 2015. Bringing you an image were your eye can transmit to your brain, tranquillity and peace. It doesn't attract world attention, no smeary politicians going to gather and pretend they care. Just a crazy artist out in the open, freezing his fingers and toes in order to bring you this moment of purity. Hey, I'm not complaining, but really, what a disgusting world we live in. That artists who make cartoons as a living have to be killed, just so the rulers of the world can again take away Our civil rights!   Why don't they just have enough courage to admit what they are doing, once and for all. At least this way, we the people of this marvellous planet can organise and take action. No they have to kill innocent people, children and families on aeroplanes, defenceless women and elderly people. Put the blame on terrorists. Make laws to control terrorism, only thing is I am not a terrorist, most likely you are not a terrorist, but you and I have to be subject to those laws, that control, and control, and control even more our Rights, more and more...makes me sick. ...Oh well, I only hope I can in my little way, bring some beauty into your life, please forgive me for dumping some emotion, and if you want to sign off my mailing list, I understand. Here below you see me creating this painting.

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