Monday, 17 November 2014

Sailing the windy North Sea

Zeilen op de winderige noordzee,
oil on canvas - 70 x 50 cm
repainted in studio - Tues 11 Nov 2014

The intent I had was to re work a painting that I was not quite satisfied with, and the fact that it didn't sell was most likely due to the fact that most on lookers were also not satisfied with. Anyway felt it needed something, started off by increasing the wave action, at the shore line, as you can see in the original version, (shown below). Soon I began to notice that the more water I painted, the further I was departing from the shoreline. I liked what was building up and I decided to go with it. Thus this scene was created. It gives one the perspective of viewing the sailboats and that yellow buoy from way out on the Sea. I feel this painting works a lot better, thus have decided to make it available for the art connoisseur, or just you the average art lover.



René PleinAir said...

Thats one Tsunami for the best I'll reckon, and I think the only one as well.

Love it Aleberto you could go further this path still, and become a marine painter ;-)

Erik Ykema said...

The waves are great Alberto, very thick and very real!