Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Quiet beach, not so silent these days!

Afternoon view of strandpaviljoen, De Staat.
oil on canvas - 40 x 120 cm
painted on location on 3 occasions - May/June 2014

Was asked to paint this scene from a Hagenaar that is moving to Bonn, Germany! This is pretty much the area were I set up my gear and make most of my views of this fantastic stretch of beach we are so fortunate to have, right here in The Hague! A little windy, perfect for getting those clouds to pass by and yet another challenge for me to paint them in. I feel they add a lot to this scene. De Staat, a great place to chill out with the kids, with friends and family, and you can even bring your dog along!

At the beach series #6 -2014
oil on canvas - 40 x 80 cm
painted on location - Mon  9 June 2014
€ 500

As you can see it is not always sunny here in The Lowlands! However when the heat is on, the beach is a great place to stay cool. A view which I never get tired of telling a story about. Only I don't use verse and rhyme, substituting color and form to get my story told! Here a child and her mother (in this case step mother) are having some fun keeping that rubber ball in the air as long as possible...i believe they went up to 88 swings before the ball touched ground! Had fun with all those greys in the sky, was a pleasure to paint.

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