Monday, 14 April 2014

Windy paintings from the Lowlands

Gezicht vanaf terras strandpavijeon Zuid
oil on  MDF  - 14 x 38 cm
painted on location - 8  April 2014

Having no choice but to work from an area protected from the wind, opted to paint this scene as I was inspired by the sheer force of air coming swiftly from the sea Of course one can't see it, but one can sure feel it. Clouds zipping by so fast that every time I looked up to notate them there was already a different formation.The advantage of this art work is that you can display them as a diptych or you can give each one a separate location. BTW for outsiders, the design on the flag of den haag (The Hague) is inspired in part by the painting of Piet Mondrian's, 'Boogie Woogie', which hangs in the Gemeentemuseum.  

waves, waves, and more waves
oil on canvas - 18 x 24 cm
painted on location - 9 April 2014

A new feature on the horizon line as one looks out from the beach here on Zuiderstrand is the oil platform, which I believe is being constructed,  if I'm not mistaken. You can see it on the far right.

The Wave,
oil on canvas board - 30 x 40 cm
painted on location - 9 April 2014

Made immediately after the above seascape, only this time on my knees, in order to get this perspective. Thus one should be able to notate a lower horizon line. This results in even greater depth, although in actual fact the distance is the same as in the above painting.

BTW - Nature had a hand in the creation of these works, by generously blowing fine particle's of sand on the surfaces

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