Thursday, 13 February 2014

Free the mind, with a Seascape

Bevrijd de geest met een zeegezicht
oil on canvas - 25 x 35 cm (10 x 14 inches)
painted on location -  Scheveningen

Don't have the time or possibility to get to the Sea.  Allow me to bring it to you.   Breath in that fresh salty air, allow it to rejuvenate your Spirit, loosen up those murky cobwebs hangin' about!.....  Hard to believe that this was painted just two days ago on the beach here in Holland! Seems we have been spared the winter thus far.  Early in the morning, when the light is just right,  highlighting those waves rolling in. Creating a scene that would inspire goodness and well being, even to the most defiant ones. A gift from Mother Nature to you, and it is there for the taking.

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