Monday, 29 July 2013

XXL View of Scheveningen pier from South Beach.

 XXL Gezicht op Scheveningen vanaf Zuiderstrand, DH
oil on linen - 40 x 210 cm
painted on location on 3 occasions-  finished 6 July 2013

Not the easiest thing to paint this size on location! However I managed it, with the help of my trustworthy 3 meter diameter parasol, used as a wind breaker. You could tell by the waves that the wind is still blowing quite strong, but the summer temperatures are with us now, so a pleasure to be at this location. It is well after dinner hour, thus crowds have thinned out. Just the way I like to paint these beach scenes. When you look at this painting carefully, you will see a lot going on, thus the 3 close ups below.  Take care and enjoy the summer.

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