Friday, 10 February 2012

Winters Magic on Ice #3

Family fun on ice, in Holland
oil on canvas
40 x 50cm
painted on location - Sun 5 Feb 2012

A father is encouraginging his son to make a sprint on ice. Other toddlers, young and old, are having the time of their lifes, on this special occasion of winters magic here in The Lowlands. Why winters magic, well think about it.....these folks are moving on a body of water, I'm standing on it, painting... Normally this would not be possible, unless of course you can vibrate as high as, you know who, good old JC! Anyway, the white snow covering most flat areas, also has a magical quality, transforming the landscape to this fairy tale like atmosphere. And what is so damn special about it all,... it is only a simple trick, brought about by the Almighty Creator,...saying, among other things, here you all, bundle up and have some fun! In The Lowlands,..they do just that. The hype is fantastic.....everyone is praying that the freezing temperatures hang in there, thus the reknowned, 11 city Nordic skating race can once again take place!

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