Friday, 18 February 2011

Van Oord in action, South Beach, Netherlands

Gezicht op 'de zandmotor', Zuiderstrand, DH, bij Strandsnslag #10
oil on canvas
40 x 100 cm
painted on location - Wed 16 Feb. and Thurs 17 Feb. 2011


Not usually my choice of subject matter, but like all the other curious people passing by, il pittores interest for what was going on, was enough to inspire the making of this painting. A scene which is hardly ever visible, as these are once in a lifetime type of projects. Well, for better or for worse, I tackled the scene at hand. What might be of interest for you the viewer of this work to know is exactly what's going on here! You see that ship, not far away, it is actually discharging tons and tons of sand mixed with water, via that object attached on the front of the ship. This sand and water is then transported by a series of complex pumps, tubes, plastic and metal I imagine. This sand finally gets discharged on the beach. You can see it, gushing(flowing) out of a large iron tube, which is just behind the bull dozer featured on the beach. Thus all that water and sand which is being used to widen the beach, is stemming from that ship! The ship has just sucked all that sand from the bottom of the sea about 6 or 7 kilometers away from the shore. The thousands of seagulls are having a feast, because of course all sorts of delicious sea life is mixed up in the sand/water. By the way, Van Oord is the name of one of the companies that is carrying out this complex operation.

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