Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Snow in The Hague #3, Regentesse Square

Regentesseplein met sneeuw #3, Den Haag
oil on canvas
50 x 40 cm
painted on location - Tues 21 Dec 2010

Well, here I am back at the same spot as the last posting, doing my best to stay warm, and at the same time bringing to you a unique situation here in The Lowlands. You might be asking, "hey what happened to #2, of this series"? The answer is, it is still in progress, hope to have it finished later today! Yesterday didn't get on location tell after 3pm, by the time I set up, being the shortest day of the year, the street lights already came on, thus was not able to continue on the #2 painting, as the whole atmosphere had changed! What to do,.....make a 3rd painting. And am glad I did, as am quite content with the results. Looks like a nice series is building up, maybe a up and coming exhibition?

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