Saturday, 13 November 2010

Koerenbrug by night, Leiden

Koerenbrug 's nachts, Leiden
oil on canvas
30 x 80 cm
painted on location on 3 occasions - 8 Oct/2Nov/9Nov 2010(also worked on in studio)

This actually started as a day time painting, but on the second occasion, it started to get dark so early, I was much more inspired by the whole array of light bouncing off all the objects, especially the bridge of course. As I also worked on this painting in my studio, I took the liberty of inventing a more sophisticated monumental scene. If you look at the photogragh below, you will notice that the roof tops on the right are very boring. They probably most likely had this sort of look at one time. However modern day real estate speculators are not usually putting attention on cultural beauty, rather profit turnover. You might also notice just how important format has on visual representation of the scene. I opted for a panoramic type size, whereas the picture is more mechanically conventional. The fact is we see and are comfortable with the panoramic format, as it is truer to our nature.

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