Monday, 8 February 2010

Winters Magic on South Beach, The Hague #2

Winters charme Zuiderstrand, DH #2
oil on canvas
30 x 40 cm
painted on location - Monday 8 Feb 2010

A better title for this could be, La voce del silenzio , (The voice of stillness) . A very atmospherical rendering of a dull situation, I would say. Saturated soft pastel hues, a sense of solitude, ample space, breath of fresh cold damp air, the sound of the waves caressing the sands, seagulls floating in the air. Who needs to see all that mass of steel on the horizon anyway (Europort, world headquarters of Shell Oil).

For your viewing pleasure, a detail.


Erin said...

I recently found your blog through Rene PleinAir's blog! I'm really in awe. These paintings are so similar to what I hope to be able to paint someday!

I put a blog award for you and some other artists on my blog. If you want to accept it just check out my blog: Thanks!

Alberto, il pittore said...

I'm sure you will get to this level, just keep on painting. Checked your work out, looks good.