Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Path to the North Sea, Westduinpark #2/2010

Op Pad naar de Noord Zee #2/2010
oil on canvas
18 x 30 cm
painted on location - Wed 3 Feb 2010 SOLD

In an overpopulated country, this view can afford a troubled and overworked mind the oppurtunity to appreciate a simple, yet non-the-less, breathtaking glimpse of the wonderous world we habitate. We don't have mountains, we don't have canyons, we don't have lush vegetation, here in The Lowlands. But what we do have is the North Sea, which embraces an extended coastal line overlapped by multitudes of plants. Shrubs, trees, and wild flowers, serve to bind together this natural habitat. Not only does this gift the eye with splendid vistas to digest, more importantly, it is this countries dominant landmark, without which, half of this humble country would be engulfed in the North Sea's frigid salty waters.

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Mariano Zucchi said...

Ciao Alberto,
Che bel commento e che bel quadro! Io ho visto subito la petroliera in partenza che hai immortalato sul lato destro dell'orizzonte. Chissa che quest'anno non riesca a vederla la tua spiaggia! Un abbraccio