Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Winters Magic on South Beach, The Hague

Zuiderstrand, Den Haag tijdens, Winters charme
oil on canvas
30 x 90 cm (12 x 36 inches)
painted on location - Monday 25 Jan 2010

Only the 2nd time I've been on this strech of beach since 24 Sept 2009. I feel like a lover who has been unfaithful to his "Mistress". She has been kind to me, loves me unconditionally, and has bequeathed me with a multitude of creative juicies, that seem to be never ending. This flow of energy, (these juicies), ulimately finds its expression on a delicate fragment of canvas, fastened onto il pittores easel, on this tiny stretch of Mother Nature herself! I am forever in gratitude of this endowment, and will promise to be more attentive to my Muses lyrical verses.

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