Monday, 21 July 2008

Wind force # 5, Wijk Aan Zee

A proud and stalwart flag, Coast line, North Holland
oil on canvas
24 x 18 cm
painted on location, Sat 19 July 2008


It was not easy working outdoors on this one. Managed to find a spot that barricaded me from the fierce wind, however had to fasten a large umbrella on my easel, in order to keep the rain from damaging the work in progress. We have been having this kind of weather for more than two weeks now. There is only one person I know who actually is enjoying this weather pattern, and that is my American friend, Andy. He spent the last six weeks in sunny hot southern Florida, were temperatures are soaring around 100 degrees F. In someway this flag represents qualities of the Dutch citizens, resilient and strong. Two seaguls being tossed about by the wind, an oil platform on the horizon and a sky worthy of painting, add some character to this rather simple composition.

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