Saturday, 26 January 2008

Winter Seascape view, North Sea. #1

Oil on canvas
20 x 50cm
painted on location, Wed 23 Jan 2008


Il Pittore is back in action! After a three week period of laying in bed due to catching the flu, l finally felt confidant to tackle an outdoor, au plien air painting. Positioning myself next to the dunes, at an entrance to the beach near Kijkduin, managing to avoid the cold bitter Northly wind. It wasn't sunny but the clouds were high enough to allow for this lovely soft emerald green color to appear. Just the thing a painter like me can appreciate. Not too much activity on the beach, except for the odd person taking their pet dog(s) for a healthy stroll. The dog featured here is taking a break, while the owner is probably asking her to go fitch the ball, just slightly visible a couple of meters in front of them.


Erik Ykema said...

Dear Alberto,
What a superb canvas again. Your special craft, see in motion.
Regards, Erik

Erik Ykema said...

see=sea !!!

René PleinAir. said...

Glad your back again Alberto, ...
this is sooooo much nicer to watch then 1000 of webcam of the beaches.

Can you feel the spring coming already?!

Btw. what a great photo on you profile, .. you are looking like a toreador wit those brushes and wooden bull, ... just gorgeous.