Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Path to the Sea, (Pad naar Zee), Westduinpark, The Hague, Holland

oil on canvas,
70 x 90 cm, (thus not small)
painted on location, Wed. 22 August 2007. (finishing touches done in studio, 23/8/07)


Working on location with a canvas this big, was not the easiest thing. Even though I weighed down the easel with heavy stones, i had to have one hand on the easel almost the whole time while painting! But believe me, there is just no other way to get the results that I got any other way. Just look at the color of that sea, not even in your wildest dreams could you imagine such colors. Positioned where I was, only if you were color blind, or had a cheap pair of sunglasses, would you not have been able to see those colors, stirred up by a wind force, that not even a seasoned sailor would dare. Of course getting those hues on the canvas is another matter. That is where 25 years of painting comes in handy. Because the texture on the canvas is so thick at places it is hard for the camera to get a good focus, thus sorry for the unfocused picture.

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René PleinAir. said...

Just awesome!!

I am going to paint this weekend (8-9 sept.)in Noordwijk, maybe we could meet?

That would be nice!

If so, you can find my mobile # on my website.

Take care,