Monday, 2 July 2007

South view Katwijk Aan Zee, Holland

oil on canvas,
40 x 120 cm - 16 x 47 inches
painted on location - 28/6/07 - late morning till mid afternoon.


First time I've made a painting on this beach and let me tell you, won't be my last. This seaside fishing village has been a source of inspiration to artists since the last two hundred years, if not even longer. The characteristic church tower, the low robust square light house, and the typical beach huts all add interest to the quaint beach scene. The wind was exceptionally strong today, packed up this huge parasol that I have, laid it on its side, on the sand, tied it up to a pole and set myself up comfortably out of the wind. There was enough room for two other painters, thus was joined by Jurgen Liepert and Piet Gronendijk, two extremely good painters. No sailboats, and not too many people on the beach, but plenty adventurous kite surfers and regular surfers. In the distance above the water line you get a glimpse of The Hague, Scheveningen, and Hoek van Holland. Morning sunshine helps create favorable play of light and shadows on building structures. Enjoy the sunshine, I know the Dutch do.

Send me the correct number of the Holland national flag on this painting, and I'll give you an il pittore ArtMile.


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